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Bahco's loppers are available in either bypass or anvil.

Bypass loppers are for cutting live wood. The offset pivot bolt creates a clean slicing motion and the hook shape enables a large cutting diameter.

Anvil loppers are for cutting old, hard and dead wood. The anvil supports the branch and the narrow blade creates minimum slicing.

Okatsune sharpening whetstone

Whetstone for grinding of all Okatsune products. We recommend to grind your Okatsune products regularly with the Okatsune whetstone. Alongside you will find the grinding instructions.

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£10.83 (Ex VAT)

Code C3SKO412

Okatsune Hedge Shears 175mm (7" ) blade

Short model shrub shears with short wooden handles of 30 cm, and a medium-long razor-sharp blade of 175 mm. This short, lightweight model is ideal for topiary boxwood or the Japanese garden (o-karikomi), because you are close to the work. Also its ideal for pruning in tight spaces. This…

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From £63.58 (Ex VAT)

Code C3SKO217

Okatsune Hedge Shears 200mm (7.5") blade, long handled

Large hedge shears with long wooden handles of 50 cm, and a large razor-sharp blade of 200 mm. The long handles give you a great reach, so cutting up to 2.5 meters is possible. You can also cut large surfaces faster, easily penetrate deep into the crop, and effortlessly…

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From £79.67 (Ex VAT)

Code C3SKO230

Corona 24" Bypass Lopper

With a 1.5" cutting capacity and resharpenable precision ground high carbon steel blade s.

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£24.56 (Ex VAT)

Code C3WC3310

Corona 21"-30" Extendable Bypass Loppers

With a 1.75" cutting capacity and extendable handles the 4-bar compound linkage triples your cutting power.

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£31.17 (Ex VAT)

Code C3WC3470

Bahco 16-50 Lopper 20"

Shorter-reach professional bypass lopper for pruning and training all kinds of vines.

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£71.66 (Ex VAT)

Code C3BC1650

Bahco 16-60 Lopper 24"

Medium-reach professional orchard bypass lopper, also recommended for landscaping.

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£71.66 (Ex VAT)

Code C3BC1660

Bahco 16-70 Lopper 28"

Bahco's long-reach professional bypass lopper for pruning and training all kinds of vines.

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£75.83 (Ex VAT)

Code C3BC1670

Bahco P19-80 Lopper 32"

Long-reach heavy-duty professional bypass lopper for cutting very thick and strong branches on old and mature trees.

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£126.85 (Ex VAT)

Code C3BC1980

Bahco P172-85

Longer-reach heavy-duty professional anvil lopper for cutting very thick, strong branches in landscaping and orchard activities.

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£103.33 (Ex VAT)

Code C3BC17285

Corona Hedge Shear

11.5" hedge shear with serrated blade.

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£16.56 (Ex VAT)

Code C3WC3900

Bahco P51 Shears

High-quality shears for professional use in parks, vineyards, estates and particularly for topiary art work.

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£63.33 (Ex VAT)

Code C3BCP51

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