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A range of invaluable accessories for climbers and arborists chosen with safety and ease of working in mind.

Multi Saver 150cm

The Tufelberger multiSaver is an anchor device that can be used as a double sling or as an adjustable friction saver when used with the ringLOOP. It is ideal for use as a double friction saver for distribution over two branches (as pictured). It comes in a variety of…

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£63.85 (Ex VAT)


Sirius multiANCHOR

The Teufelberger MultiAnchor has been designed for various anchoring scenarios. It can be used as a trunk anchor or as an excellent addition the the conventional cambium saver. When used as a trunk anchor its main benefit is that it enables a ground based rescue and lowerable accent system,…

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From £74.85 (Ex VAT)


Sirius ringLOOP

The ringloop is a high-quality kern-mantle construction of polyester which has a high grade abrasion resistance and is easy to knot. Supplied with a quality aluminium ring by DMM, its well thought out design, it can be used as a spare for a multiSAVER or for a number of…

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From £20.60 (Ex VAT)


Edelrid Throwbags

Edelrid products strive for quality, their throw bags combined with a throw line, are the perfect companion to fix ropes. Made of an extremely robust material providing great throw qualities and a long lifespan. Suitable for the fixing of the Cambiumsaver from the ground.

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From £12.67 (Ex VAT)


Edelrid 2.2m Throw line 50m

This throw line is a little more expensive than a standard one however it is well the the extra being a very lightweight and kink-free throw line. Tears at a load of 45 daN.

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£10.00 (Ex VAT)


Edelrid Quickdraw connector 16mm

A must for SRT aerial rescues. The new EDELRID quickdraw now comes in a brand new design and fresh colours. Compared to common quickdraws, the small loop of all EDELRID quickdraws is adapted to the diameter of work safety karabiners. All quickdraws can be equipped with the Antitwist rubber…

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£5.00 (Ex VAT)

Code C4EDQ12

Dragon Wire Core Flipline

The Dragon wire cord flipline range offers excellent value for money whilst not compromising on quality for the professional arborist. A Brithish made product, the Dragon flipline is perfect alongside mini ropegrabs as it is 13mm in diameter. A 16 plait polyester sheath covers the 6mm by 19 plait…

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£35.00 (Ex VAT)


Marlow Throwline

Supplied on handy 50m mini spools, our 2mm Throwline has a smooth and hardwearing polyester cover giving it excellent handling characteristics and longevity.

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£6.00 (Ex VAT)


Marlow Boa Pre-tied Prussik 60cm

Fully CE certified factory sewn 9mm Boa prussik loops, individually and batch serial-numbered.

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£11.29 (Ex VAT)

Code C4MWP60

Weaver Webbing Tool Lanyard 1m

Weaver's 1" wide strop with a tight sewn loop one end for a karabiner and a soft sewn loop the other.

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£5.83 (Ex VAT)


Weaver Tool Lanyard with Ring

Weaver's 1" wide strop now available with a ring and double box-stitched for additional strength.

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£12.08 (Ex VAT)


Weaver Bungee Chainsaw Lanyard

Stretches for ease of chainsaw use, and retracts neatly when not being used.

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£20.83 (Ex VAT)


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