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Haglof Vertex IV


The Vertex IV is primarily designed to measure the height of standing objects, and most often trees. The instrument can also be used to measure distance, horizontal distance, angle and inclination. The Vertex instrument has with its ultrasonic measuring technique proved to be especially useful in dense terrains with thick undergrowth, where conventional methods such as measuring tapes, laser instruments and mechanical height measurers are difficult to use.

Our Price £1618.33 (ex VAT)


• Ultrasound distance measurement
• Proven accurate & reliable technology
• Durable and rugged with aluminum housing and sealed electronics
• Audible beep signal
• Excellent to measure radius in sample plots
• Built-in BAF (point sampling/reverse prism) functions
• Slope to horizontal distance conversions, measure in steep terrain
• Built-in Bluetooth® and IR
• Low battery consumption
• Reference users worldwide

Technical Specifications

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